To my amazing mission community of friends, neighbors and Myriad family

It is with great sadness that I let you know that Myriad will not be coming back to the block this time. 

After a great deal of soul searching and thoughtful deliberation, I have chosen to hand over the reins of this amazing space and let someone new give it a go here. 

I have enjoyed my time as owner and chef, chief in charge of all things fun and ambassador of joy to our amazing regulars who became family to us these last six years.  

I was blessed with a really great space, dedicated warm, friendly, hardworking staff, a landlord who supported me and regular customers and fun newbies who I really looked forward to seeing, serving and getting to know during my time here. 

I cannot express how much all of your support for the past almost six years and particularly this past year has meant to me. I am beyond grateful, for the joy and fun you all brought to me and my team at Myriad, the support you showed for my small business and my team and for the really wonderful interactions I have had with all of you. 

Thank you to my staff-couldn’t have done it without all of you. I love you all. Thank you to my investors- it all started with you.  Thank you to my family-blood and chosen-you lift me up and keep me strong. Thank you to my landlords-I have the best in the city. Thank you to my community neighbors- I was blessed to be in your company. (La Taza, Mission Barber, Docs Clock, Lolinda, El Techo, New Harmony, Lil Baobob-keep killing it guys!)

I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to have served my guests, my staff, my vendors, my investors and my community and to feel like I was part of the greater good!

Bless you all

That’s a wrap

Trish Tracey

If you want to reach out our Facebook and Instagram will stay live for a while and you can reach out to me at  Stay tuned, for the new adventures of TT!

If you would like to directly support our staff you can donate to them on our Go Fund Me Page.

All Funds go directly and fully to the staff to support themselves. 


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